Emotional pain quotes

Emotional pain quotes are here for you. Are you finding the best quotes for emotional ? thats right, you are welcome to our site. In this article you will get best emotional quotes about pain. Emotional quotes are perfect quotes for pain. So dear friends, in this article i have posted some nice emotional pain quotes for your pain sorrow condition. So lets see the best quotes for emotion and pain.Emotional pain quotes

Emotional pain quotes :

“Everyone will hurt you, all you have to do is find someone whose suffering you can endure”
– Humayun Ahmed

“Show human suffering hard work”
– Humayun Ahmed

“Those who are busy with themselves can never see the suffering of others”
– Radwan Masud

“Foolish people may know how to upset others. But never knows how to cheat anyone. ”
– Humayun AhmedEmotional pain quote

“I step in such a way that it doesn’t hurt the chest. I don’t want to hurt anyone ”
– Sunil Gangopadhyay

“For crying with care, Your own people are enough! ”
– Humayun Ahmed

“If happiness is not written on the forehead, then he is not able to get the bang on the forehead. The forehead is swollen enough, but luck is not swollen.”
– Kazi Nazrul Islam

“The rules of the world are very strange, the one you love the most will be the cause of your misery.”
– Samaresh Majumdar

“In the future, from whom you will suffer the greatest suffering, today he is one of your closest.”
-Radowan Masud

“There are two miseries in life. One is your desire to be imperfect, and the other is to expect the other when the desire is fulfilled.”
— George Bernard Shaw

“For some people, the world is not a suitable place, for them the world is a sea water. ”
– Redwan Masood

“Some are sad and some laugh after realizing their foolishness.”
– Samaresh Majumder

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